The 2024 Indonesia Service Learning trip was a great success. A significant portion of the groups time was devoted to our partner school, SDHKI3, a small Lutheran Primary School in Pematangsiantar.

The students and staff were warmly welcomed to a celebration of Performing Arts and were treated to a wonderful demonstration of Indonesian dance. Throughout their time at the school, they engaged in activities such as speaking, reading, and writing in English, sharing handmade Bible storybooks, enjoying mathematics, painting and drawing, singing and dancing, and playing handball, cricket, and volleyball.

On their final day, our group led a worship service and organized a House Sports Day, which was thoroughly enjoyable for all, with the blue team emerging as the winners.

There is so much to the experience of service learning, but the connection and bond shared between the schools, and amongst the group, was very special and truly endearing.

They also had the opportunity to explore and socialize with the school staff, creating many amazing moments and sharing in the fun.