First Veta Morphus retreat of 2021
This year, seven St Martins students have signed up to do Veta Morphus – a Certificate III course in Christian Ministry and Theology. As part of the course, they were taken across the border into Nelson to participate in a weekend retreat that would help them to connect with each other, learn about what they have signed up for, and learn a little more about the Bible.

Mr Buckland facilitated the weekend’s activities, which included accessing some devotions and videos made especially for the nationwide-yet-local retreats, and a Zoom call with the other peer groups who were also participating in their own retreat.

The students greatly appreciated the opportunity to connect with their peers, to hear more about how to understand the Bible, and to see students from around Australia who had also signed up for Veta Morphus in 2021.

After two nights at Karnkendi, it was soon time to return to their homes, invigorated and ready to tackle the coming year.

It was a pleasure for me to be able to facilitate this retreat, and I look forward to taking the students for an additional two retreats later in the year, hopefully with other groups able to join us in person.

Jason Buckland | Teacher