College Council Approves New Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2025.

You may recall that over the last eight months, the College has been working hard on the development of a new strategic plan for the next five years. I am therefore delighted to report that the St Martins Lutheran College Council recently adopted a new College Strategic Plan to take us forward. This is both an exciting and challenging initiative for our College.

In developing the new strategic plan, the College reviewed its Purpose, Vision and Mission and decided to refresh them. The College identified three key strategic priorities for the next five years. These are Culture, Learning and Spaces/Facilities. A summary of the College’s new Strategic Plan can be viewed on the College’s website here.

During the course of the next school term, the College will begin to work towards its new Purpose, Mission and Vision. In keeping with these and the College’s strong sense of community, we will be looking to involve our different stakeholders in pursuing the key strategic priorities that have been identified. I look forward to working with everyone as we seek to achieve our College’s new Purpose, Mission and Vision over the next five years.

Alan Connah | Principal