St Martins values and encourages the active participation of a range of people from within the school community in the life of the College. We believe that volunteers can make a significant contribution to the College community by giving their time and sharing their skills and expertise. Volunteers often have a broad range of interests and abilities that complement school programs and so provide a wider range of interactions and experiences for students.

A volunteer is any person who provides an unpaid service to the College. Volunteers fall into two categories; Direct Contact & Indirect Contact volunteers. Both roles are valued but have different capacities and requirements.

Volunteer Handbook 2019

SMLC Volunteer Application Form July 2019

Direct Contact Volunteers
  • Direct Contact Volunteers are adults who:
  • Work in the PALS Program
  • Are sports coaches
  • Are involved in Active After School Program
  • Wish to attend overnight camps
  • Wish to assist with any events at Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre

We ask that those people interested in being a volunteer at St Martins become registered with us. Volunteers do need to be assessed with the Principal holding the overriding decision of suitability and termination of services if necessary.

Potential volunteers are invited to make themselves known to the Heads of School.

Volunteers are required to complete:

  • A Volunteer Details Agreement; DCSI Clearance- a step by step application process is provided below.
  • Volunteers also need to make themselves familiar with the St Martins Volunteer Handbook and ‘Child Protection for Volunteers’.

DCSI Clearance Step by Step Summary

Indirect Contact Volunteers / Parent Helpers

Indirect Contact Volunteers / Parent Helpers are:

  • Adults who listen to reading in the classroom
  • Adults who help with Literacy Block
  • Adults who help with cooking, art, special classroom activities
  • Adults who help with classroom cleaning
  • Adults who help in the Library or canteen
  • Adults who share an area of skill or interest with a class during lesson time
  • Adults who prepare resources
The time that parent helpers give to the College is priceless.

We ask that parent helpers/indirect contact volunteers:

  • Complete an Indirect Contact Volunteer Details and Declaration Form
  • Always ensure that the classroom teacher or supervising staff member is aware of when you arrive and leave
  • Make themselves familiar with the Safe Place Brochure
  • Comply with the school’s Occupational Health Safety and Welfare procedures