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Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook 2019

General Information


What are the College office hours?

The College office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm.

When is the Uniform Shop open?

The Uniform Shop is open on Tuesday and Thursday each week from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Payments for uniforms is by cash or credit card (no credit provided).

What are the bell times?

8:40am Warning Bell
8:45am Start Classes
11:10am Recess
11:25am Warning Bell
11:30am Resume Classes
1:00pm Lunch
1:35pm Warning Bell
1:40pm Resume Classes
3:00pm Tidy & Notices
3:15pm Dismissal

What is the Canteen menu and price list?

How can I contact my child/children's teachers?

In an emergency contact the College on 8725 1430

For alternate inquiries:

Primary –

Class Dojo

School Stream

Secondary – 

SEQTA Engage


Car Parking Etiquette

Message to Car Park Users

Car Park Etiquette
Dear SMLC Car Park users,
It has come to our attention that the behaviour of some drivers in the car park is unsafe, reckless and inconsiderate which then has the potential for aggression and rudeness, damage to vehicles or the worst scenario of someone being hurt.
St Martins is actually fortunate to have a car park and a drive through drop off and pick up area. We’re not saying it is perfect but it is certainly better than many other set ups. We need drivers and pedestrians to appreciate this and respect it.
There are 3 yellow pedestrian crossings:
• Drivers please give way to pedestrians
• Pedestrians don’t run out in front of cars even at the crossing
• Pedestrians cross only at the crossings; that includes adults
• Both pedestrians and drivers make eye contact with each other for safe communication
The Naracoorte bus will enter the carpark in the morning via the main drive and swing out wide to turn down the centre roadway.
• Drivers watch for the indicator and do not pass turning vehicle – especially on the inside
The afternoon pick up is very busy with cars entering and exiting from various points and pedestrians going to cars with or without adults.
• Stuart our new groundsman will be in the carpark in the afternoon directing traffic for the time being
• Drivers giving way and maintaining a flow of traffic enables our carpark to clear most effectively so be aware of what is happening and assist in maintaining the flow. This especially can be achieved by allowing 3-4 cars out of a lane and then allowing the same from another lane. Stuart will be assisting with this so please pay attention to him.
• The carpark is cleared in 8-13 minutes so consider coming at 3:20 if possible and you can probably drive straight in and out. Students are supervised until 3:30pm
• Plan your pick up ahead of time to avoid the rushing. Ensure children know who is picking them up and where from.
• Give way to cars trying to back out; this minimises potential for damage and frees up car parks for those looking for one
• We ask all staff to park near the house or JP Carpark to maximise the parking spaces for parents
The pick-up lanes are marked with a yellow line:
• The pick up lane for the junior primary and library pick up is accessed via the high driveway only
• Do not call your child to come to you outside of this lane. It holds things up – train yourself and your child to move forward as far as possible to maintain the flow.
• Do not double lane the pick up zone and call your child across
• If you have been in the pick-up lane for a couple of minutes and your child/children have not come please move to the nearest practical car park as this also holds up the flow of traffic.
• Teachers are aware of the pick-up flow so they are asked not to keep students in after school but sometimes things do hold them up.
• Pick ups where children can easily put their bag in and hop in themselves are most effective.
Please download our Drop off zone map at the bottom of this page to assist users and we thank you for keeping to our simple rules and hope for a safer car park use.

Robyn Teakle
Head of Primary

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