Keeping Our Kids Safe

At St Martins we are committed to providing a safe online experience for your child. You will find a series of articles on this site related to the internet and students that will help you at home to teach your child to be a responsible online citizen. Together, between home and school, we can equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed in this area. Prevention is always better than the cure! We now have a generation born with a mouse in their hand and as they grow up and, like it or not, a great part of their socialisation will be digital. Rather than ignore or ban the technology, there is an educational opportunity to teach students skills, knowledge and strategies to use the internet in a safe, smart and responsible way.

Some general guidelines for home and internet:

  • Set clear guidelines for internet use at home (especially between the ages of 3 and 14) and clear consequences for transgressing the boundaries.
  • Come up with a set of rules for internet use.
  • Talk to your children about the basics – not giving out their password or private information and being kind to others online.

It is most important that you have the family computer in a public area of the house like the family room. Take charge, after bedtime, of mobile devices such as iPods, mobile phones and other devices that can connect wirelessly to your home network.

As you child gets older we need to step back and allow them independence to explore and practice elements of digital citizenship.

Parent Cybersafety Resources