Bus Service

College Bus Services

St Martins is served by two city buses and four College buses, assisting those families living outside of Mount Gambier. The buses arrive at about 8:30 am and depart between 3:20 pm and 3:25 pm.

The College bus services are:

Mil Lel

Mount Gambier > Mil Lel

Port MacDonnell

Mount Gambier > Allendale East > Port MacDonnell (Outsourced)


Mount Gambier > Naracoorte


Mount Gambier > Tarpeena > Nangwarry > Penola (Outsourced)


Mount Gambier > Tantanoola > Glencoe > Millicent (Outsourced)

Mount Gambier City Bus Service

For information on city bus runs, please visit this page

Bus Code of Behavior

Safety is the prime concern at all times, as is respect for the driver and other passengers. A code of behaviour must be adhered to which includes:

  1. Students enter the bus in an orderly fashion.
  2. Seat belts are worn correctly at all times.
  3. Students do not eat on the bus. On long trips, water may be drunk.
  4. Quiet conversation is acceptable. Orderly behaviour is expected.

5. Students must keep all body parts within the bus and must not throw items out of the bus windows.