Student Leadership

SMLC Student Leadership

Nominated St Martins Lutheran College students participate in student government to practice their leadership skills. The students learn how to plan events, organize their time, hone their public speaking skills and lead others. Leadership roles help build opportunities equipping students to manage team projects in College and in the wider community.

SMLC endeavours to gives students a voice to express views on school-related ideas, goals and desires in productive, constructive ways. Student representatives link students and administrators, ensuring that the students’ voices aren’t ignored or dismissed. Student leaders learn how to interact with adults in nonthreatening environments while developing their interpersonal skills — communication, negotiation and teamwork.

Student Leadership also helps to build healthy self-identity for the participants as they learn to plan, raise money, organise their time and budget their resources. Student leadership promotes responsibility, organization, timeliness and preparation — skills that build and encourage a strong self-identity and confidence. Students learn that organization, hard work and dedication pay off, and their accomplishments have lasting rewards.

Secondary College Captains

David Zwijnenburg

Secondary College Captain

Naomi Zwijnenburg

Secondary College Captain

Primary College Captains

Ezekiel Coutts

Primary College Captain

Hannah Duffett

Primary College Captain