Jane Savage

My role as the School Counsellor at St Martins is primarily to support the social and emotional development and well-being of the students from Foundation to Year 12. This may involve individual counselling with students, development and implementation of programs to address identified issues for the student cohort as well as referral to other services and agencies as appropriate.

It is my role as School Counsellor to speak with parents where necessary and to have involvement in the facilitation of parent education programs such as drug and alcohol use or cyberbullying.

As the School Counsellor I am also a resource person for staff, students and parents regarding issues that may be relevant to them.

Students are able to “self-refer” and come and speak with me if they would like to. Alternatively, a staff member may refer a student to me, or a parent may also wish to refer their child to see me.

My involvement with students and families is always confidential. This means that I am bound by law not to divulge the nature of my contact with students to another party. Please be aware that I take this responsibility very seriously.

I have a duty of care to the students I work with and there are legal obligations I must comply with due to the nature of my relationship with the student. Therefore, if in the course of my involvement with a student they confide in me information which leads me to believe that they are at risk, I must advise the appropriate people. This is not negotiable, and I always explain this information to students at our first meeting so that they are clear about the “rules” with regard to confidentiality, exchange of information and my responsibility to keep them safe.

I am available for students and parents every day from 8.30am – 4:00pm. I can be flexible if you are only able to meet with me outside of these times. You can make an appointment with me by phoning the front office on 8725 1430, or by emailing me at .

Jane Savage,

College Counsellor.