College Council

Mark Monaghan

Mark has been on the College Council for 4 years and as deputy chair for 3 years. He was baptised and confirmed at St Martins Lutheran Church. His three children currently attend St Martins Lutheran College. Mark is the Business Director and owner of Monview Engineering for the last 11 years.

Mark Ellis

Mark recently joined the College Council after serving on St Martins Kindy Committee of Management for the last 7 years - 6 as treasurer. He was married in St Martins Church Mount Gambier. Mark’s three children were all baptised at St Martins Church, went through St Martins Kindy and now all are at the College. He is the Woodchip Coordinator at OneFortyOne Green Triangle.

Paul Halligan

Paul has been on the College Council since 2014. He was married in St Martins Church. His Wife’s mother, grandmother (deceased) and family have been members of the congregation for many years. Paul’s two children attended St Martins Lutheran College. He has been a Financial Advisor since 1988.

Julie Harten

Julie was baptised and confirmed in the Lutheran Church. She has been on the St Martins Lutheran College Council for almost 2 years. Julie has two nephews attending St Martins Lutheran College.

Alan Connah

Alan has been an active member of the Lutheran Church since 2004. He has served as a board member of Good Shepherd Lutheran College NT, Secondary Principal at Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim, and is currently Principal at St Martins Lutheran College. Both of his children attended Lutheran schools.

Trudi Hepburn

Trudi has been the Business Manager of St Martins Lutheran College since 2005. She is married with three children that attended the College. Her two grandchildren are also currently attending the College. Trudi has lived in the South East all her life.