On Friday and Saturday of August 4 & 5, St Martins students participated in the Music Eisteddfod at the Wehl Street Theatre. Students across all grades performed their best Brass, Woodwind, and Piano skills in solo, group, duet and trio performances.

The results from the Eisteddfod are listed below:

Secondary School Junior Ensemble
1st – St Martins Concert Band

Primary School Senior Ensemble
2nd – St Martins Step2Band

Primary School Senior – Mixed duet, trio or quartet
1st – Cruze Shaw, Elijah Finnegan-Bower

U12 Young Performers Scholarship Solo
1st – Gordon Farrugia

U10 Piano Own Choice Solo
3rd – Carter Bright

U12 Piano Own Choice Solo (trophy)
1st – Gordon Farrugia

U12 Tuned Percussion
1st – Carter Bright

U10 Brass Own Choice solo (trophy)
1st – Ben Meier
2nd – Harley Mansell
3rd – Evelyn Illman
Honourable Mention: Jack Gritton, Codey R, Aliyah Armitage, Law Boam-Neill

U12 Brass Own Choice solo (trophy)
1st – Gordon Farrugia
2nd – Austin Douglas
3rd – Stella Castignani
HM: Harry Whalan, Carson Bradley, Kiara B, Cooper Roulston

U16 Brass Own Choice solo
1st – Christopher Mossford-Macgregor
2nd – Isobel Hastings

U12 Brass duet, trio or quartet (1st medal)
1st – Gordon Farrugia, Harley Mansell
2nd – Ben Meier, Elijah Finnegan-Bower, Lincoln Holman
Equal 3rd: Aliyah Armitage, Codey R, Jake S
Equal 3rd: Evelyn Illman, Jack Gritton, Law Boam-Neill

U10 Woodwind Own Choice (1,2,3 Medals)
1st – Erin V
2nd – Ava Darcy
3rd Matilda Manser
HM: Holly Lovekin, Fiona Taylor, Willow Bowering, Makayla C

U12 Woodwind Jazz or Blues Solo
1st – Gordon Farrugia
2nd – Deklyn Shaw

U12 Woodwind Original Composition Solo
1st – Mikayla Jellesma

U14 Woodwind Own Choice Solo
1st – Ella Gray

U12 Woodwind Classical solo
1st – Gordon Farrugia

U12 Woodwind Own Choice solo (trophy)
1st – Mackenzie Porter
2nd – Malachi Andresen

U12 Woodwind Own Choice Duet, trio or Quartet
1st – Makayla C, Willow Bowering, Fiona Taylor
2nd – Holly Lovekin, Kaidence M, Lucy Vorwerk
3rd – Ava Darcy, Matilda Manser
HM: Jordan Collins, Matthias L, Max Hastings
HM: Elise Virgo, Emmy Moulden, Erin V

U16 Guitar Jazz or Blues Solo
1st – Taj Norman

U16 Guitar Own Choice Solo (medal)
1st – Taj Norman

Lions Encouragement Award (trophy)
Gordon Farrugia