Middle School Students Put Their Engineering Skills to the Test in Go-Cart Project.

The College’s Year 8 Tech Group is currently building an electric-powered go-kart! Last term the students individually designed and built electric powered model cars. This model building and problem-solving experience enabled the students to have a foundational understanding of the engineering concepts required for creating a reliable electric powered go-kart.

The majority of the go-kart components have been manufactured at school. The axle and hubs have been machined in the College workshop. The student’s hand-cut external and internal threads on the major components. The steering components were fabricated and welded with the help of a Year 12 student (Kynan). The wooden chassis was built by the students in the Learning Enrichment space with the use of basic hand tools. The tasks are broken down and the students individually get a chance to experience using engineering equipment.  This experience prepares them for more self-directed projects later in the year.

The students are also learning quite a bit about group dynamics and working together. A key part of the project is learning how to work and interact together as a team, including learning to help each other with planning tasks and sharing ideas. Teamwork is a key part of professional engineering and this type of project acts as a great scaffold to foster the collaborative mindset. Safe working practices are also discussed and the students are encouraged to develop an awareness of potential problems as the designing and building takes place. The project also connects to further development, as the skills learned pave the way for more advanced projects as they progress through the year levels.

The Year 8 Tech Group is looking forward to test day!

John Leahy | Middle/Senior Learning Enrichment