Students create businesses to raise money

This year, the College’s year 7 students had the opportunity to explore new concepts around the theme of Entrepreneurial studies. Students are developing skills in;
• Teamwork and leadership
• Communication and listening
• Customer service and managing finances
• Analytical and problem-solving
• Critical thinking
• Strategic thinking and planning
• Time management
• Branding, marketing and networking

This week, students took on the responsibility for a ‘market day’. Each team needed to develop a business name, logo and marketing around a product that they would sell to other students at school during lunch time. They worked with a small capitol of $20, with the profits going to a charity that each group choose and promoted on the day.

The students enjoyed the experience, handling the influx of customers at the start of lunch, with all groups making a tidy profit for their respective charity. They will now finalise this activity by reflecting on what went well and what could be improved upon for next time.