Year 6 students complete 3 fantastic musical performances at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre

Something stinks in Splodge City and it ain’t the drains! Mad Dog McNut and his gang are running wild and Wilbur Hubbard, cowardly cook at the Foordoor Saloon lands the job no-one wants – Sheriff of Splodge. Luckily for Wilbur, Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed ‘Lightning’ roll into town to lend a hand and suddenly the race is on to save the town. It’s a rootin-tootin tale of crazy cowboys, barmy baddies, masked heroes and hidden gold!

Last week, the Year 6 students performed the Craig Hawes’ musical, Ye-Ha, at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre. It was last performed 11 years ago when it was directed by Damian Bradley.

The hard work of the 52 students was well rewarded with 3 fantastic performances. They performed: one matinee for the school and two evening performances for parents. It was a delight to both facilitate and witness them showcasing their skills and talents and realising their potential despite their own doubts and fears. Many memories were made and an appreciation for the time and hard work that goes into producing a musical. Thank you to all the staff, parents and friends who helped put the show together.

Michelle Yates and Sandra Halleday | Year 6 Teachers