Phoebe Kemp and Christopher Mossford-MacGregor got the chance to attend a Mayoral Reception as part of the 2022 South Australians of the Year Tour of Honour.
Pictured along with Phoebe and Christopher is Professor Helen Marshall AM, Dr Trudy Lin, Mayor Lynette Martin and Bernie Shakeshaft.
Professor Helen Marshal AM is recognised for her vaccination research, dedication to vaccinology and infectious diseases.
Dr Trudy Lin is one of the youngest South Australians of the year practising Dental Specialists providing oral health care to people with disabilities, psychiatric illness and complex medical issues.
Bernie Shakeshaft is recognised for his work with high-risk teenagers in Armidale NSW. His Program called BackTrack was established in 2006, since supporting 1000 young people to find work and education opportunities.
This was a great opportunity for both students to meet the South Australians of the Year.