Simple Thankfulness

We see messages everywhere about being thankful and being grateful. These messages are great reminders that in the busyness and tough times we can forget to see those things that really keep us ticking. At our last Junior School SRC meeting we talked about saying ‘grace’ or a thanksgiving prayer before we eat our lunch at school. The students indicated that some classes do this and some don’t, so we decided that it was a great thing to do and ensure that all classes say a few words of thanks to God before they eat. So what is ‘grace’ before a meal? It is a simple prayer of thanks to God and is usually about the food we have to eat, the people who prepared it or provided it and the people who are there to eat it together.

Quite coincidently, yesterday I had a message from one of the teachers at our partner school in Indonesia. They have not had school for 11 weeks now and it is very challenging for the students, families and the teachers. Many teachers are no longer getting paid because they are not able to teach due to health safety restrictions. This teacher was very thankful because one of the school families had delivered a food bundle to help her and her family at this time.

Today in SRC we are making ‘Grace’ posters to deliver to the Primary classes so they all have some prayers that they can share before eating. I encourage parents to ask the children about saying grace before your meals and enjoy this time of thanksgiving together.

Robyn Teakle | Head of Junior School