Week 7 was Music Mania week for the Year 6 students. It was an intense period of rehearsing this year’s musical ‘Ye-Ha’. Getting the chance to run through the show over and over with the props for the first time really helped solidify the performance and suddenly made it much more real for everyone.

Of course, rehearsing was only just part of the fun. There were mini-performances of songs and dances for the Foundation, Year 1s and Year 2s. St Martins Kindergarten children came to visit the College and were even treated with a show!

On Wednesday, students enjoyed getting dressed in their costumes, including make-up for the first time, for the photo shoot at the Umpherston Sinkhole. On Thursday afternoon they had a fantastic time at the Treehouse Adventure Centre and finished off the day having tea at Jens Hotel. Friday was a little quieter with a movie in the afternoon. There is now only a week’s break and then it is off to the theatre for the performances in Week 9.

Sandra Halleday and Michelle Yates | Year 6 Teachers