Dear Parents and Caregivers,


At St Martins Lutheran College we are dedicated to providing a caring and engaging learning environment, both inside and outside of the classroom, where students can thrive. To that end, our outside play spaces provide students with the opportunity to take risks, solve problems, negotiate, build physical capacity and simply have fun and laugh.


Since 2017 it has been our plan to provide some additional play equipment for students. Indeed, in late 2017 we hosted a Colour Run at the College, which raised in excess of $8,000 towards such a project. Since then we have been investigating how to effectively provide new play spaces for students of all ages. We want these spaces to be places where students can challenge and develop themselves during break times. After consultation with the Student Representative Council, Parents & Friends Committee and staff, we have decided to purchase and install the Explorer Net’s ‘Mount York,’ which we have named ‘The Web’. The Explorer Net’s ‘Mount York’ is an intricate play space suited to students from Foundation to Year 9 and has the capacity to engage many students at any one time. This fun and engaging piece of play equipment has a focus on improving the users climbing, agility and problem-solving skills, and their ability to take risks.


To make this project a reality, we welcome you to our exciting new fundraiser called ‘The Web’, which is already off to a terrific start thanks to the proceeds of the 2017 Colour Run and the wonderful generosity of our Parents & Friends committee, who have recently donated $10,000!


We now invite parents and caregivers to donate to this wonderful project. Not only that, you might like to invite family friends and relatives to also contribute by directing them to the link on the St Martins Website. Donations of $100 or more will automatically put your family name on the donor board that will sit proudly beside the new equipment, and all donations will be acknowledged and celebrated when we open the new equipment.


Donations can be made by going to the St Martins Website ( ) and following the prompts. An online receipt will be issued for all donations, followed by an official Lutheran Laypeoples League (LLL) School Building Fund receipt in December, for Tax Deductibility.


We are all very excited about this project, particularly our students, and look forward to watching the gauge on our fundraising thermometer climbing to our target of $50,000. Whatever your donation, thank you in advance for your kind support and generosity towards this worthy project.


With warm regards,

Alan Connah