School Card Application Forms

The School Card scheme has different forms for students and families depending on their financial circumstances. You are only required to complete one of them. In most cases you will need to show evidence to support your application – see the relevant form for details.

  • Family receives Centrelink benefits and has a child born after 1 July 1997(Income Audit)
  • Change of circumstances or self-employment
  • Foster parents and guardians

Applicants need to complete a new application form at the beginning of each year.

If you have children attending different schools, each school will need to complete the forms attached.

Online applications will work on any device connected to the internet. This includes mobile phones, tablets and computers. PDF versions of the forms will be available to download soon.

School Card R – reassessment

Use this if you’ve submitted an application but were assessed as not eligible and you want to be reassessed.