Making St Martins Lutheran College Your Educational Home

St Martins offers its program in education to all applicants regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, ability or disability provided that;

  • Parents or carers seeking enrolment for their child/children undertake to support, willingly and freely, the stated purposes of St Martins Lutheran College
  • Adequate space and resources are available

Enrolments in all year levels are accepted throughout the year.

What is the ‘Foundation’ Year?

Each state and territory has traditionally used a different name for the first year of schooling: Reception in South Australia, Kindergarten in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, Prep in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, Pre-Primary in Western Australia and Transition in Northern Territory.

‘Foundation’ is the Australian Curriculum term for the first year of formal schooling.

Year 7 in High School

Year 7 students are already a part of St Martins Secondary campus. Most public high schools will implement year 7 into high school in 2022.

This integrated approach supports our students’ transition into senior school.

Further information and important forms:

For all enrolment enquiries please email acroser@stmartins.sa.edu.au