Year 9/10 Drama Performance – ‘It’s So Deep’

On the evening of Friday the 7th of June, Drama students in Years 9 -12 performed two plays at the Wehl Street Theatre. The first play, ‘It’s So Deep,’ was performed by the Year 9 and 10 Drama students as a part of the NIDA outreach program. In the audience were writers, Rhys Tait and Reilly Muller (St Martins Old Scholars), who have been mentored by Dr Stephen Sewell, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Writing for Performance at NIDA. This was an original play and featured an original song written and composed by Tom Foote and Lilly Marr-MacGuire. The students performed enthusiastically for an appreciative audience.

Stage 1 & 2 Drama Performance – ‘Dark Road’

After the interval, the Stage 1 and 2 students entered the stage in their production of, ‘Dark Road.’ This gripping performance followed the journey of a female guard in a concentration camp during World War Two. Stage 2 students, Alyssa Leggett, Lucy Pycroft and Emily Williams provided the audience with engaging performances and were strongly supported by the Stage 1 students.

Organising a night of Drama is not possible without the assistance of others and we thank all those that helped make the night such a great success.