As St Martins Lutheran College continues to grow, we believe it is useful to provide existing families with an understanding of where we currently sit with availability of student places at St Martins for 2021 and beyond.

As many would be aware, the school aims to have two classes of 26 in each year level (25 in Foundation) through the Junior School (Foundation to Year 6), and three classes of 26 in each year level through the Middle and Senior School (Year 7 to 12).

The College is committed to ensuring we maintain our smaller school feel and family friendly culture. If the College reaches its capacity as planned, it would mean that there are just over 800 students across the school in total. We currently have over 740 students.

At an increasing number of Year levels across the College, we are reaching capacity and therefore forced to put prospective new students on a waiting list. This is already the case in a number of year levels.

We are aware that our current families are often the first port-of-call for prospective new families. Often, when considering coming to St Martins, a family member or work colleague may ask you about the school. We certainly donโ€™t want the message from the school or you to be, โ€œWeโ€™re all full up. The doors are shut.โ€ The message we want to share with people is, if you are interested in attending St Martins, we would strongly recommend that families get their enrolment forms in as soon as possible.

With our enrolments for Year 8 in 2021, we are already unfortunately in a situation where we have over twenty families who we have had to put on a waiting list as we have reached capacity.

We endeavour to make siblings a priority when enrolling new students. We encourage all families who have siblings of current students, who they intend to bring to St Martins in the future, to have them enrolled for the desired entry year as early as possible. If we are unaware that you intend to enrol them at the College, it will make it very difficult to keep a place open for them.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of all of our families in the ongoing development of St Martins.

Alan Connah | Principal