The Front Office and Ark Office are arguably the busiest areas of the College. The staff in the office are responsible for answering phones, ensuring important messages are delivered, tending to hurt and ill students, communicating with parents, supporting students and staff and so much more.

The staff members in both the Front and Ark office are crucial to the function of the College.

The Admin Team consists of the following staff:

Natalie Telford began working at the College in 2019. Nat is the first face you see upon entering the admin building and is often busy attending to phones, medical issues and day-to-day tasks.

Brydie Hamilton joined the team at the beginning of 2020 and holds the role of Admin and Retail Trainee. Brydie works in the Front Office everyday but also assists in the canteen, uniform shop and Ark Office.

Tania Virgo has been a staff member at the College for over 2 years. Tania works part time attending to general office enquiries and support for students and staff on a daily basis.

Tracy Auld has been a valued member of the College staff for over 26 Years. Tracy also plays a vital role in the operation of the Front Office, providing first aid to students, support to the admin staff and completing important office tasks.

Caroll Cailler is based in the Ark Office and is important to the general function of the Middle and Senior School. Caroll has been at the College since 2007 and completes a variety of important tasks from assisting the Middle/Senior teaching staff, providing first aid, handling parent and student enquiries, organising relief teaching staff and providing support to the Heads of Middle and Senior School.

Roxanne Thomson is also based in the Ark Office and joined the team at the beginning of the year. Roxanne is responsible for following up student attendance, assisting with staff, parent and student enquiries, managing the medical and first aid needs for Middle/Senior students as well as providing support to the Heads of Middle and Senior School.