“I loved this camp it was a really great experience. I had never gone snorkelling in freshwater. I could not compare Ewens and Kilsby ponds because they were both so amazing. I loved going through the channels and seeing all the fish swimming, through and under you, then looking above the water and seeing the comparison. I loved Kilsby because of how blue the water was, when you put your hand out in front of your face it was so clear. I also loved hanging with everyone and learning more about them.” – Zoe Hann

“What I enjoyed on the Outdoor Ed camp was when we went snorkelling I got to see a turtle, fish and even eels” – Zac Ler

“Though this camp was located very close to Mount Gambier, it was one of the best camps that I have been on. We learnt a lot about the Limestone Coast region and the amazing landscapes that are around our city. I really enjoyed snorkelling in Ewens Ponds as I thought that the transition from land to underwater was amazing and the flora and fauna living in the ponds was very beautiful.” – Agnes Doyle

“One of my favourite parts of the camp was Kilsby Sinkhole. It was really amazing to see how clear the water was. We even got to see some tiny little shrimp that were swimming around in the water. I also really enjoyed Ewens Ponds, especially when we swam through the little channels between the three ponds.” – Rachel Bird

“My favorite snorkelling part of the camp was Ewens Ponds. The ponds were intriguing with the different colours of vegetation growing as well as the few fish we saw. The water in Ewens ponds was very blue, clear and clean. I also enjoyed the night walk on the first night as it was amazing to see how quiet and peaceful the town of Port Mac was…The sunrise on the final day was also quite enjoyable to watch especially as there was low fog on top of the waves and clouds in the background.” – Emma Gallagher